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Detect whether a terminal supports color

supports-color Build Status

Detect whether a terminal supports color


$ npm install --save supports-color


var supportsColor = require('supports-color');

if (supportsColor) {
    console.log('Terminal supports color');

if (supportsColor.has256) {
    console.log('Terminal supports 256 colors');

if (supportsColor.has16m) {
    console.log('Terminal supports 16 million colors (truecolor)');


Returns an object, or false if color is not supported.

The returned object specifies a level of support for color through a .level property and a corresponding flag:

  • .level = 1 and .hasBasic = true: Basic color support (16 colors)
  • .level = 2 and .has256 = true: 256 color support
  • .level = 3 and .has16m = true: 16 million (truecolor) support


It obeys the --color and --no-color CLI flags.

For situations where using --color is not possible, add an environment variable FORCE_COLOR with any value to force color. Trumps --no-color.

Explicit 256/truecolor mode can be enabled using the --color=256 and --color=16m flags, respectively.


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