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parse arguments with recursive contexts


parse arguments with recursive contexts using minimist

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This module is useful if you need to pass arguments into a piece of code without coordinating ahead of time with the main program, like with a plugin system.


var subarg = require('subarg');
var argv = subarg(process.argv.slice(2));

Contexts are denoted with square brackets:

$ node example/show.js rawr --beep [ boop -a 3 ] -n4 --robots [ -x 8 -y 6 ]
{ _: [ 'rawr' ],
  beep: { _: [ 'boop' ], a: 3 },
  n: 4,
  robots: { _: [], x: 8, y: 6 } }


var subarg = require('subarg')

var argv = subarg(args, opts)

Parse the arguments array args, passing opts to minimist.

An opening [ in the args array creates a new context and a ] closes a context. Contexts may be nested.


With npm do:

npm install subarg



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