Streams3, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js


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npm install --save readable-stream

Node-core streams for userland

This package is a mirror of the Streams2 and Streams3 implementations in Node-core.

Full documentation may be found on the Node.js website.

If you want to guarantee a stable streams base, regardless of what version of Node you, or the users of your libraries are using, use readable-stream only and avoid the "stream" module in Node-core, for background see this blogpost.

As of version 2.0.0 readable-stream uses semantic versioning.

Streams WG Team Members

  • Chris Dickinson (@chrisdickinson) <[email protected]>
    • Release GPG key: 9554F04D7259F04124DE6B476D5A82AC7E37093B
  • Calvin Metcalf (@calvinmetcalf) <[email protected]>
    • Release GPG key: F3EF5F62A87FC27A22E643F714CE4FF5015AA242
  • Rod Vagg (@rvagg) <[email protected]>
    • Release GPG key: DD8F2338BAE7501E3DD5AC78C273792F7D83545D
  • Sam Newman (@sonewman) <[email protected]>
  • Mathias Buus (@mafintosh) <[email protected]>
  • Domenic Denicola (@domenic) <[email protected]>
  • Matteo Collina (@mcollina) <[email protected]>
    • Release GPG key: 3ABC01543F22DD2239285CDD818674489FBC127E

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