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Runs (webpack) loaders


import { runLoaders } from "loader-runner";

    resource: "/abs/path/to/file.txt?query",
    // String: Absolute path to the resource (optionally including query string)

    loaders: ["/abs/path/to/loader.js?query"],
    // String[]: Absolute paths to the loaders (optionally including query string)
    // {loader, options}[]: Absolute paths to the loaders with options object

    context: { minimize: true },
    // Additional loader context which is used as base context

    readResource: fs.readFile.bind(fs)
    // A function to read the resource
    // Must have signature function(path, function(err, buffer))

}, function(err, result) {
    // err: Error?

    // result.result: Buffer | String
    // The result

    // result.resourceBuffer: Buffer
    // The raw resource as Buffer (useful for SourceMaps)

    // result.cacheable: Bool
    // Is the result cacheable or do it require reexecution?

    // result.fileDependencies: String[]
    // An array of paths (files) on which the result depends on

    // result.contextDependencies: String[]
    // An array of paths (directories) on which the result depends on

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