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Determine if an object is a Buffer

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Determine if an object is a Buffer (including the browserify Buffer)


Why not use Buffer.isBuffer?

This module lets you check if an object is a Buffer without using Buffer.isBuffer (which includes the whole buffer module in browserify).

It's future-proof and works in node too!


npm install is-buffer


var isBuffer = require('is-buffer')

isBuffer(new Buffer(4)) // true

isBuffer(undefined) // false
isBuffer(null) // false
isBuffer('') // false
isBuffer(true) // false
isBuffer(false) // false
isBuffer(0) // false
isBuffer(1) // false
isBuffer(1.0) // false
isBuffer('string') // false
isBuffer({}) // false
isBuffer(function foo () {}) // false


MIT. Copyright (C) Feross Aboukhadijeh.

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