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Replacing symbols during the linking phase of ICSS

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ICSS — Replace Symbols

Governs the way tokens are searched & replaced during the linking stage of ICSS loading.

This is broken into its own module in case the behaviour needs to be replicated in other PostCSS plugins (i.e. CSS Modules Constants)


import replaceSymbols from "icss-replace-symbols"
replaceSymbols(css, translations)


  • css is the PostCSS tree you're working with
  • translations is an JS object of symbol: "replacement" pairs, where all occurrences of symbol are replaced with replacement.


A symbol is a string of alphanumeric, - or _ characters. A replacement can be any string. They are replaced in the following places:

  • In the value of a declaration, i.e. color: my_symbol; or box-shadow: 0 0 blur spread shadow-color
  • In a media expression i.e. @media small {} or @media screen and not-large {}



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