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Faster HTML entities encode/decode library.


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Fast html entities library.


$ npm install html-entities


XML entities

HTML validity and XSS attack prevention you can achieve from XmlEntities class.

const Entities = require('html-entities').XmlEntities;

const entities = new Entities();

console.log(entities.encode('<>"\'&©®')); // &lt;&gt;&quot;&apos;&amp;©®
console.log(entities.encodeNonUTF('<>"\'&©®')); // &lt;&gt;&quot;&apos;&amp;&#169;&#174;
console.log(entities.encodeNonASCII('<>"\'&©®')); // <>"\'&©®
console.log(entities.decode('&lt;&gt;&quot;&apos;&amp;&copy;&reg;&#8710;')); // <>"'&&copy;&reg;∆

All HTML entities encoding/decoding

const Entities = require('html-entities').AllHtmlEntities;

const entities = new Entities();

console.log(entities.encode('<>"&©®∆')); // &lt;&gt;&quot;&amp;&copy;&reg;∆
console.log(entities.encodeNonUTF('<>"&©®∆')); // &lt;&gt;&quot;&amp;&copy;&reg;&#8710;
console.log(entities.encodeNonASCII('<>"&©®∆')); // <>"&©®&#8710;
console.log(entities.decode('&lt;&gt;&quot;&amp;&copy;&reg;')); // <>"&©®

Available classes

const XmlEntities = require('html-entities').XmlEntities, // <>"'& + &#...; decoding
      Html4Entities = require('html-entities').Html4Entities, // HTML4 entities.
      Html5Entities = require('html-entities').Html5Entities, // HTML5 entities.
      AllHtmlEntities = require('html-entities').AllHtmlEntities; // Synonym for HTML5 entities.

Supports four methods for every class:

  • encode — encodes, replacing characters to its entity representations. Ignores UTF characters with no entity representation.
  • encodeNonUTF — encodes, replacing characters to its entity representations. Inserts numeric entities for UTF characters.
  • encodeNonASCII — encodes, replacing only non-ASCII characters to its numeric entity representations.
  • decode — decodes, replacing entities to characters. Unknown entities are left as is.
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