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Middleware to remove the X-Powered-By header.

Hide X-Powered-By

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Simple middleware to remove the X-Powered-By HTTP header if it's set.

Hackers can exploit known vulnerabilities in Express/Node if they see that your site is powered by Express (or whichever framework you use). For example, X-Powered-By: Express is sent in every HTTP request coming from Express, by default. This won't provide much security benefit (as discussed here), but might help a tiny bit. It will also improve performance by reducing the number of bytes sent.

var hidePoweredBy = require('hide-powered-by')

You can also explicitly set the header to something else, if you want. This could throw people off:

app.use(hidePoweredBy({ setTo: 'PHP 4.2.0' }))

Note: if you're using Express, you don't need this middleware and can just do this:

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