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The gulp plugin `gulp-order` allows you to reorder a stream of files using the same syntax as of `gulp.src`.


The gulp plugin gulp-order allows you to reorder a stream of files using the same syntax as of gulp.src.


Assume you want to concatenate the following files in the given order (with gulp-concat):

  • vendor/js1.js
  • vendor/**/*.{coffee,js}
  • app/coffee1.coffee
  • app/**/*.{coffee,js}

You'll need two streams:

  • A stream that emits the JavaScript files, and
  • a stream that emits the compiled CoffeeScript files.

To combine the streams you can pipe into another gulp.src or use es.merge (from event-stream). But you'll notice that in both cases the files are emitted in the same order as they come in - and this can seem very random. With gulp-order you can reorder the files.


require("gulp-order") returns a function that takes an array of patterns (as gulp.src would take).

var order = require("gulp-order");
var coffee = require("gulp-coffee");
var concat = require("gulp-concat");

  .pipe(gulp.src("**/*.js")) // gulp.src passes through input


  // ...
  .pipe(order([...], options))


Some plugins might provide a wrong base on the Vinyl file objects. base allows you to set a base directory (for example: your application root directory) for all files.


Uses minimatch for matching.


  • Try to move your ordering out of your gulp.src(...) calls into order(...) instead.

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