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Append or Prepend a string with gulp


String manipulation library for gulp


npm install gulp-insert
var insert = require('gulp-insert');


Appends a string onto the contents.

.pipe(insert.append('world')); // Appends 'world' to the contents of every file


Prepends a string onto the contents.

.pipe(insert.prepend('Hello')); // Prepends 'Hello' to the contents of every file


Wraps the contents with two strings.

.pipe(insert.wrap('Hello', 'World')); // prepends 'hello' and appends 'world' to the contents


Calls a function with the contents of the file.

.pipe(insert.transform(function(contents, file) {
  return contents.toUpperCase();

Transform has access to the underlying vinyl file. The following code adds a '//' comment with the full file name before the actual content.

.pipe(insert.transform(function(contents, file) {

    var comment = '// local file: ' + file.path + '\n';
    return comment + contents;

See https://github.com/wearefractal/vinyl for docmentation on the 'file' parameter.

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