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Interact with the GitHub releases API

ghreleases Build Status js-standard-style

A node library to interact with the GitHub releases API.


list(auth, org, repo[, options], cb)

List all releases for a repo. Calls back with an array of releases.

const gh = require('ghreleases')
const auth = {
  token: '90230948aef88723eca2309880fea09789234',
  user: 'ralphtheninja'
gh.list(auth, 'level', 'leveldown', function (err, list) {

GitHub docs.

getLatest(auth, org, repo[, options], cb)

Get latest release.

gh.getLatest(auth, 'level', 'leveldown', function (err, release) {

GitHub docs.

getById(auth, org, repo, id[, options], cb)

Get data for a single release.

gh.getById(auth, 'level', 'leveldown', '1363866', function (err, release) {

GitHub docs.

getByTag(auth, org, repo, tag[, options], cb)

Get release by tag.

gh.getByTag(auth, 'level', 'leveldown', 'v1.2.2', function (err, release) {

GitHub docs.

create(auth, org, repo, data[, options], cb)

Create a release.

const data = {
  tag_name: '1.2.3-test',
  name: 'Release name for 1.2.3-test',
  body: 'Body text of release goes here'
gh.create(auth, 'level', 'leveldown', data, function (err, release) {

The release on GitHub would then look as follows:

1.2.3-test release

GitHub docs

uploadAssets(auth, org, repo, release, files[, options], cb)

Upload assets to a release. Calls back with an array of results for each upload request.

  • The release parameter accepts either a release id, 'latest' or a valid ref, e.g. 'tags/v1.0.0'
  • The files parameter is an array of absolute file paths that should be uploaded and associated with this release
const ref = 'tags/v1.3.0'
const files = [
gh.uploadAssets(auth, 'level', 'leveldown', ref, files, function (err, res) {

GitHub docs


For interacting with other parts of the GitHub API, also see the following repositories/modules:



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