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Yeoman generator for scaffolfding the standard configuration root files like .gitignore, .jshintrc, .jscsrc etc...

Sublime Generator

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Yeoman generator for scaffolding the standard configuration root files like .gitignore, .jshintrc, .jscsrc etc...



This generator-sublime is mainly used as a sub generator of generator-mcfly


Install generator-sublime:

npm install -g generator-sublime

Make a new directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run yo sublime:

yo sublime


You can use the --skip-welcome-message option to hide the welcome message. This is usefull when you compose this generator with your own so you don't get twice welcome messages.

You can use the --nodeVersion option to set the version of node.js for continuous delivery.

You can use the --githubUser option to pass your github username. It is usefull when scaffolding .travis.yml so that travis knows how to publish your npm package

yo sublime --githubUser=toto

You can use the --checkTravis option to by pass checking if travis cli is installed.


This generator will scaffold the following files:

  • .jshintrc
  • .jscsrc
  • .eslintrc
  • .tern-project
  • .jsbeautifyrc
  • .gitignore
  • readme.md (comes with badges!)
  • startup.sh (codio startup file)
  • bin/git-config.sh (configure git with common aliases and options)
  • .travis.yml (travis-ci config file)
  • shippable.yml (shippable.com config file)
  • .settings (codio settings file)

In addition generator-sublime will configure .travis.yml file for npm publishing your package if the build succeeds.


yo sublime:bash ./path/to/your/bashfile.sh


This will scaffold a basic bash file with correct header and chmod options. You should then be able to run it



yo sublime:gulps


  • clientFolder : the name of the client folder (usually client or www)
  • ionic : true to include ionic framework
  • famous : true to include angular-famous framework
  • fontawesome : true to include font-awesome
  • bootstrap : true to include the bootstrap library

To better understand the gulp task system have a look at the docs of gulp-mux.


This will scaffold some common gulp tasks:

  • browserify (creates a browserify bundle)
  • webpack:run, webpack:watch (creates a webpack bundle)
  • changelog (create a CHANGELOG.md file when your commit messages adhere to angular commit guidelines)
  • lint (linting through jshint, jscs, and eslint)
  • release (bump the version, create tag and publish to github)
  • serve (start a server using livereload)
  • browsersync (start a server using browserSync)
  • test (run unit tests - support karma and mocha)
  • style (create a bundle css file)


Running npm test will run the unit tests with mocha.


Recent changes can be viewed on Github on the Releases Page



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