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Kittn Scaffolding and Frontend Toolchain


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Yeoman Generator for the Kittn Toolkit. Scaffolds and Prepare the Toolkit for you.



$ npm install -g generator-kittn


You can use now Yarn with Kittn, instead off NPM. https://yarnpkg.com/


Jump in your Working Directory and type:

yo kittn

The Generator will ask you some questions, at the end it will prepare the Project.


With Webpack you have to use NPM Script Commands

npm run init
Intialize your Project and the Sass Documentation (/sassdocs/)

npm run dev
Main development task with BrowserSync and Webpack

npm run build
Minify JS, Images, CSS. Is for a automated Build Process, comes after a Gulp Init.

npm run scripts
Rebuild all JS Files except the Application JS File

npm run uiimages
Rebuild all Image Files for CSS, copy it to distribution, build Bitmap- and Vector Sprites.

npm run htmlassets
Copy all Imagefiles for Documentusage.

npm run template
Copy all or Generate the Template Files.

npm run favicon
Generate Favicons and the HTML Snippet (generated Files you will find in src/.system/)


To make it easier for you to work with Craft or Wordpress, we have also integrated Starterpacks. With the Starterpack you get a Contentbuilder (in the case of Wordpress you still need ACF 5 Pro) and the necessary templates, plugins (free), SCSS and JS files you need.

There is a rudimentary styling, not pretty but functional, as you will usually begin to adapt the existing elements to your project.

In order to activate the Starterpack, you have to decide for a Wordpress or Craft project and decide on the CSS methodology for ITCSS. Then you can install the Starterpack.

Further steps in the documentation.


  • Node >= 6.x
  • Gulp 3.9.1
  • Yeoman 1.4.8
  • Git CLI
  • Wget
  • WP CLI

Optional Dependencies

  • Bower 1.4.0

Special Thanks to

  • David Hellmann (@davidhellmann) - for his Fluidtype Mixin
  • Hugo Giraudel (@HugoGiraudel) - for his awesome Sass Scripts
  • Team Sass - Jacket
  • LukyVj (@LukyVj) - for Family.scss


  • Sascha Fuchs @gisugosu
  • Lars Eichler @cinkon
  • Martin Herweg @martinherweg



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