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Express' application generator

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Express' application generator.

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$ npm install -g express-generator

Quick Start

The quickest way to get started with express is to utilize the executable express(1) to generate an application as shown below:

Create the app:

$ express --view=hbs /tmp/foo && cd /tmp/foo

Install dependencies:

$ npm install

Start your Express.js app at http://localhost:3000/:

$ npm start

Command Line Options

This generator can also be further configured with the following command line flags.

-h, --help          output usage information
    --version       output the version number
-e, --ejs           add ejs engine support
    --hbs           add handlebars engine support
    --pug           add pug engine support
-H, --hogan         add hogan.js engine support
-v, --view <engine> add view <engine> support (dust|ejs|hbs|hjs|jade|pug|twig|vash) (defaults to jade)
-c, --css <engine>  add stylesheet <engine> support (less|stylus|compass|sass) (defaults to plain css)
    --git           add .gitignore
-f, --force         force on non-empty directory



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