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Adds App version number to Ember Inspector Info Tab

ember-cli-app-version Build Status [EmberObserver Badge](http://emberobserver.com/addons/ember-cli-app-version)

Adds your Ember App's version to Info tab in Ember Inspector. The version is taken from your project's package.json#version. If you add build metadata to the version, this addon will automatically append SHA to the end of the version.

Ember Inspector Info Tab

{{app-version}} helper

This addon provides {{app-version}} helper that allows you to show your current app version in your app.

The addon has flags to display parts of the version:

  • {{app-version hideSha=true}} // => 2.0.1
  • {{app-version hideVersion=true}} // => <git SHA>

Flags are false by default.


  • ember install ember-cli-app-version

Running Tests

  • git clone [email protected]:EmberSherpa/ember-cli-app-version.git
  • npm install
  • bower install
  • ember test


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.

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