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Simple templating using a config.json and regex patterns

broccoli-config-replace Build Status

Simple templating using a config.json and regex patterns.

new ConfigReplace(appNode, configNode, {
  // annotate the output. See broccoli-plugin
  annotations: true,

  // A list of files to parse:
  files: [

  configPath: 'development.json',
  outputPath: 'dist/',
  patterns: [{
    match: /\{\{EMBER_ENV\}\}/g,
    replacement: function(config) { return config.EMBER_ENV; }
  }, {
    match: /\{\{APPLICATION_NAME\}\}/g,
    replacement: 'My Application'

If replacement is a function, it's passed the config object. Otherwise, do a simple string replacement.

Running tests

npm test

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